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Why Winning in Live Draw May Not Be a Blessing You Desired

Winning in sweepstakes is every Singaporean’s desire, but sad to say, not all know how to deal the sudden jackpot.

It’s now the season of the year when people are again thrilled to venture on their favorite digits on their lucky stake outlets. Singaporeans have been looking forward to this year’s live draw jackpot prize of S$12 million. For the people to have more confidence in asking theirs gods to grant them this fortune, Singapore Pools has made gaming packages that start at the a very reasonable price of S$10, and will go up to a price of S$228. Not only that, their highest package will give you a grand total of 10 additional tickets.

Without any doubt, all of those who bought their tickets wants to be the millionaire winner. Winning the live draw and seeing that the money in your bank account flooded with just a blink of an eye is indeed a life-changing event in one’s life. Just imagine that you only had spent S$1 on a ticket and would now be enjoying S$8 million, and that small amount of yours only adds to the lottery’s mysterious temptation. Never do Singaporeans realize that they are already spending about S$8 billion a year only in lottery. This is like donating about S$8 billion yearly to develop more resorts.

However, winning live draws may not always be a blessing that one has asked for his entire life. You could not imagine that winning the lottery might become your worst nightmare ever.

Let me take as an example the warehouse supervisor who won almost S$400,000 in the Singapore live draw, but after 6 months lost his entire money. The supervisor might have spent carelessly everything he had on fancy meals, luxurious gadgets and goods, or even spent on vacations.

Another downside of having a large sum is that your self could become your worst enemy. With an entire million on hand, you can easily think of helping others in need, it might be your family, relatives, even your community. But yet, we may fail to set out limits on our expenses, compromising other needs that must be taken care of.

This might be one of the worst troubles. Because of your wealth many bad people will come and cause any harm to you. What could be more frustrating and dangerous than knowing that these men are people close to you.

In addition to this, through time, you might realize that you are not just losing your money but also your family, friends and people close to you. You end up losing everything you had.

Another common gesture a millionaire does is giving donations. However, there is nothing negative about giving, but the downside hits you when you are not investing or saving any for a bank account, where you could receive an interest after many years.

So winning the lottery really is a curse? Surely not. But it could only boil down to proper handling of money and right judgement of the Lucky Man.

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