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Examples of Careers to Choose

The fastest growing industry in the United States is the medical field.If your dream is to be part and parcel of the healthcare industry, there are many medical jobs that you could choose from.

The first medical job is medical assistant. What a medical assistant does is assistant patients to move around the hospital. Therefore, medical assistants are required to have a caring and warm personality.This personality is vital since they are the first people you meet in a hospital.

The second medical job is a registered nurse.You can become a registered nurse in three years. Many registered nurses can work in many settings, such as nursing homes or hospitals. These nurses can either be teachers or advocates in any healthcare setting.

The third medical job is a respiratory therapist. The roles played by these medical practitioners is making it easy for patients to breath and also make the patients’ outcome positive through medical technologies.An amazing fact about this job is that after a two year program, a respiratory therapist takes home one of the highest salaries.

The fourth medical job is an ultrasound technician. Ultrasound technicians are important in a hospital setting since they diagnose illnesses, prevent them, and also verify about the health of the babies in the wombs. The fifth medical job is dental hygienist. Dental hygienists are important in making people have a better smile. A dental hygienist does this by identifying oral diseases, educating the public about good dental hygiene, and cleaning teeth yearly.

The next medical job is a surgical technologist. When you become a surgical technologist, you will be expected to prepare the operating room for surgery, pass surgical tools to the doctors, and sterilize surgical tools. Take note that if you are experienced, you will close wounds, take samples to the laboratory, and even help in performing surgeries.

The next medical job is a phlebotomist. The roles performed by these personnel is drawing, testing, and storing blood.Another medical job is a paramedic. EMTs are trained to perform medical emergencies.A medical secretary is another medical occupation you could choose. The role played by this medical personnel is managing the hospitals, doctors, and patients’ data.

If you want to work in the medical field, you could opt for medical billing and coding. This medical occupation entails regulating insurance data for patients.The next medical job is a pharmacy technician. You will assist patients in understanding their prescriptions if you become a pharmacy technician.You may opt to become a medical laboratory technician.If you become a medical laboratory technician you will process and analyses the patients’ samples.A radiologist technician is another medical occupation. In this occupation, the personnel specialize in diagnostic imaging. The homepage of our website will provide a lot of information about medical jobs.

You can also choose to become a physical therapist assistant.A physical therapist assistant help physiotherapists.The last medical job is an addiction counselor. Addiction counselors help addicts to recover.

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